Puerto Viejo Press Kit

“Puerto Viejo” is a delightful story set during the Spanish Golden Age. You play as Miguel, a young boy on a quest to follow his father’s steps. Explore the city and its surroundings while meeting a colorful cast of characters along the way!

The game is a 2D, single player compilation of mini games. A linear story is narrated through character dialogues – you must complete several assorted mini games to unfold it . Each mini game is short and unique, and will challenge your timing and reflexes.

-The main Story can be completed in around 40 minutes. Each mini game has 3 levels to complete.

-Completing the Story will unlock a new mode called “Sailor mode” which will allow you to replay any of the mini games through a selection screen. Each game will have 4 levels to complete.

-Looking for more challenge? Once Story and Sailor mode are completed, you will be able to get a reward and unlock an extended version of the story called “Hat Mode” with 5 levels to complete in each mini game.

“Puerto Viejo” is available now on Steam, and will be released on iOS and Itch.io in 2021 in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian and Portuguese (Brazilian).