“Puerto Viejo” is a delightful story set during the Spanish Golden Age. You play as Miguel, a young boy on a quest to follow his father’s steps.

The game is a 2D, single player compilation of mini games. A linear story is narrated through character dialogues – you must complete several assorted mini games to unfold it . Each mini game is short and unique, and will challenge your timing and reflexes.

Completing the Story will unlock a new mode called “Sailor mode” which will allow you to replay any of the mini games through a selection screen. Each game will have 4 levels to complete.

Looking for a challenge? Once Story and Sailor mode are completed, you will be able to get a reward and unlock an extended version of the story called “Hat Mode” with 5 levels to complete in each mini game.

“Puerto Viejo” is available now on Steam and in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian and Portuguese (Brazilian).